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  • 15/05/2023

buurtsuper ‘t rooie dorp

Buurtsuper ‘t Rooie Dorp is a small grocery store located in the vibrant neighborhood of Rooie Dorp in the city of Groningen, Netherlands. The store is known for its commitment to quality products, customer service, and community engagement. In this article, we will discuss the history of Buurtsuper ‘t Rooie Dorp, its business philosophy, the products and services it offers, its pricing strategy, customer service, community involvement, collaborations with other businesses, future plans, and the opinions of its customers.

De geschiedenis van Buurtsuper ‘t Rooie Dorp

Buurtsuper ‘t Rooie Dorp was founded in 2002 by Frank Wiegers and his wife Tineke Wiegers-van Dijk. Frank is a former accountant who decided to start his own business after he noticed that the Rooie Dorp neighborhood lacked a reliable and convenient grocery store. He and his wife opened the store with a small selection of products, focusing on quality rather than quantity.

Over the years, Buurtsuper ‘t Rooie Dorp has grown into a thriving community hub, serving not only the local residents but also visitors from other parts of the city. The store has expanded its product range, introduced new services, and become a go-to place for fresh produce, baked goods, and other essentials.

The locatie van Buurtsuper ‘t Rooie Dorp

Buurtsuper ‘t Rooie Dorp is located on Nieuwe Ebbingestraat 94 in the Rooie Dorp neighborhood of Groningen. The area is known for its multiculturalism and progressive spirit, with a mix of students, young professionals, and families. The store is easily accessible by public transport, bike, or car, and offers ample parking space.

The bedrijfsfilosofie van Buurtsuper ‘t Rooie Dorp

The philosophy of Buurtsuper ‘t Rooie Dorp is based on a few key principles: quality, convenience, community, and sustainability. The owners believe that a grocery store should not only provide fresh and wholesome food, but also serve as a meeting place for neighbors and support local initiatives.

The store sources its products from local and regional farmers, bakers, and producers, ensuring that all items are of high quality and ethically produced. Buurtsuper ‘t Rooie Dorp also tries to minimize waste and promote eco-friendly practices, such as using reusable bags and reducing packaging.

In terms of community involvement, Buurtsuper ‘t Rooie Dorp regularly hosts events and fundraisers for various causes, such as education, health, and social justice. The store also collaborates with other businesses and organizations to create a diverse and vibrant neighborhood.

Het assortiment van Buurtsuper ‘t Rooie Dorp

Buurtsuper ‘t Rooie Dorp offers a wide range of products, from fresh fruits and vegetables to meat, dairy, and bakery items. The store also has a selection of international foods, including spices, sauces, and snacks. In addition, Buurtsuper ‘t Rooie Dorp has a small but well-curated selection of wine, beer, and spirits.

One of the unique features of the store is its bakery, which produces fresh bread, pastries, and cakes every day. Customers can also order custom cakes for special occasions.

Apart from food, Buurtsuper ‘t Rooie Dorp sells household essentials, such as cleaning supplies, toiletries, and pet food. The store has a small section of books, magazines, and greeting cards as well.

De prijsstrategie van Buurtsuper ‘t Rooie Dorp

Buurtsuper ‘t Rooie Dorp aims to offer competitive prices for its products while maintaining high quality and sustainability standards. The store does not engage in price wars or discounts, preferring to focus on the value of its products and services.

The owners believe that customers are willing to pay a fair price for good food and convenience, and that a grocery store should not compromise on quality or ethics for the sake of cutting costs. However, Buurtsuper ‘t Rooie Dorp does offer a loyalty program for regular customers, which rewards them for their patronage.

De klantenservice van Buurtsuper ‘t Rooie Dorp

Customer service is a top priority for Buurtsuper ‘t Rooie Dorp. The staff is friendly, knowledgeable, and always willing to help customers find what they need. The store offers free home delivery for orders above a certain threshold, and has a no-questions-asked return policy for faulty or damaged items.

Buurtsuper ‘t Rooie Dorp also listens to feedback from customers and takes their suggestions and complaints seriously. The owners believe that a grocery store should be responsive to the needs of its customers and strive to create a welcoming and comfortable environment.

De maatschappelijke betrokkenheid van Buurtsuper ‘t Rooie Dorp

As mentioned earlier, community involvement is an integral part of Buurtsuper ‘t Rooie Dorp’s philosophy. The store supports local initiatives and charities, and hosts events such as fundraisers, art exhibitions, and community meals.

For example, Buurtsuper ‘t Rooie Dorp has partnered with a local school to provide healthy lunches for students, and donated a portion of its profits to a refugee center in the neighborhood. The store also sponsors a sports team and participates in neighborhood clean-up projects.

The owners believe that a grocery store can and should play a positive role in the community, and view their business as a vehicle for social change and empowerment.

De samenwerkingen van Buurtsuper ‘t Rooie Dorp met andere bedrijven

Buurtsuper ‘t Rooie Dorp has collaborated with various businesses and organizations to create synergies and add value to its products and services. For example, the store has partnered with a local cafe to provide fresh coffee and pastries, and with a food cooperative to source organic and fair trade products.

The owners believe that partnerships and collaborations are key to creating a thriving and sustainable business ecosystem, and that businesses should support each other rather than compete.

De toekomstplannen van Buurtsuper ‘t Rooie Dorp

Buurtsuper ‘t Rooie Dorp has ambitious plans for the future, including expanding its product range, introducing new services, and enhancing its online presence. The store is considering creating a loyalty program that rewards customers for sustainable choices, such as using reusable bags or buying locally produced goods.

The owners also want to continue their community engagement and partner with more local businesses and organizations to create a vibrant and inclusive neighborhood.

De mening van klanten over Buurtsuper ‘t Rooie Dorp

Customers of Buurtsuper ‘t Rooie Dorp are generally very positive about their experience at the store. They appreciate the quality and freshness of the products, the friendly and helpful staff, and the convenience of having a neighborhood grocery store.

Many customers also praise the store’s community involvement and sustainability practices, and feel that Buurtsuper ‘t Rooie Dorp is more than just a grocery store, but a part of the fabric of the neighborhood.


1. Does Buurtsuper ‘t Rooie Dorp offer home delivery?
Yes, the store offers free home delivery for orders above a certain threshold.

2. Does Buurtsuper ‘t Rooie Dorp sell organic products?
Yes, the store sources organic and fair trade products from local and regional farmers and producers.

3. Does Buurtsuper ‘t Rooie Dorp have a bakery?
Yes, the store has a bakery that produces fresh bread, pastries, and cakes every day.

4. Does Buurtsuper ‘t Rooie Dorp have a loyalty program?
Yes, the store has a loyalty program that rewards customers for their patronage.

5. Is Buurtsuper ‘t Rooie Dorp involved in the community?
Yes, the store is actively involved in the community and supports local initiatives and charities.

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